between genotype and phenotype

1. Draw, label, caption and upload a diagram that shows how an individual’s genotype is expressed in it’s phenotype. Include the following:

  • The initiation of transcription including these regulatory proteins: one activator, one enhancer, one DNA bending protein, one promoter, one gene, RNA polymerase
  • The full process of transcription
  • mRNA processing & splicing
  • The full process of translation including three codons translated into their three respective amino acids
  • Explanation of the relationship between genotype and phenotype at the molecular level in the caption
  • All three types of RNA labeled
  • anticodon of tRNA correctly labeled for the final amino acid in the little polypeptide
  • 2. Draw, label, caption and upload a series of diagrams that show the different ways that gene expression is controlled in the order that they happen in the cell. Include the following:
    • DNA packing with labeled DNA, histones, nucleosomes, fully formed chromosome.
    • Caption explaining how gene expression is controlled by DNA packing.
    • Control of gene expression at the transcription level with labeled transcription factors and regulatory genes.
    • Caption explaining how gene expression is controlled at the transcription level.
    • Alternative splicing.
    • Caption explaining how this leads to the formation of different mRNA products from a single gene.
    • The role miRNAs in controlling gene expression, with associated caption
    • mRNA breakdown, with associated caption
    • Protein processing, with associated caption

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