the biological importance of DNA

DNA The Structure and Function of the Double Helix

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10 points each

1. What is the biological importance of DNA?

2. What are the components of DNA? Distinguish between purines and pyrimidines. Explain what a nucleotide is.

3. The DNA molecule is a double helix. Explain this structure. What are the side strands of DNA composed of? What is in the middle of the molecule linking the two strands together? What are the bonds that hold them together? What is the importance of their being weak chemical bonds?

4. Explain the base-pairing rule. What does the term complementary mean?

5. What is the genetic information in the DNA molecule used for? What does the genetic information in the DNA molecule consist of?

6. What does the term antiparallel mean?

7. Explain the Central Dogma concept that summarizes the functions of DNA.

8. Define: replication, transcription, and translation.

9. What are the components of RNA? Compare DNA and RNA.

10. Name the three main types of RNA and explain their functions.


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