informatics program theory case study

NURS 521

Informatics Program: Needs Assessment Assignment Instructions


Informatics nurses are often involved in program management for large IT implementations. Using one of the program options listed in the Informatics Program Assignment Overview document, you will develop a program plan.


The Informations Program: Needs Assessment Assignment is a formal academic paper that must include the following using the program option you selected (telehealth, EHR, or simulation):

· Discuss how a needs assessment would be conducted and what it would take (time, resources, etc.) to get the program started.

· Select an informatics theory or model to use as a framework for the needs assessment and program development.

· Describe the need for informatics nurses and their role within the program.


· Paper length: 5 – 8 pages (not including your title and reference pages, which are required)

· Format: current APA style.

· References: A minimum of 5 scholarly sources published in the past 5 years must be cited (must include course text)

· Examples of acceptable sources include nursing or medical textbooks, scholarly, peer-reviewed research journal articles, and reliable websites (generally .org, .gov., or .edu sites are acceptable). Please avoid citing blogs, .com sites, and social media.

You will submit your paper through the Turnitin plagiarism tool to check the originality of your work.

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