The Influenza virus alone has different subcategories kind of like the mother of all viruses who decided to have little off springs who turned out just like her.

The topic for week 2 discussion is the Influenza Virus, strain H1N1 (Swine Flu). The Influenza virus alone has different subcategories kind of like the mother of all viruses who decided to have little off springs who turned out just like her. According to Morgrdige article Influenzas Virus Fact Sheet, all the subcategories are based on two proteins on the surface of the virus. They are the Hemagglution (H) and the Neuramindase (N). There are 16 known types of Hemagglution (H) and 9 known types of Nuramidase (N), so that is how typically the little ones are named so to say.

“Swine Flu” was typically found in pigs. Latter on in 2009 it was spreading like wildfire and soon enough people who werent even coming in contact with pigs were getting sick with the same Virus. The symptoms led off to be as your basic common cold or flu issues. The WHO (World Health Organization) then labeled it as a epidemics. Rest assured though, people can feel protected if they choose due to the fact that the CDC came up with a basic Influenza vaccine that covers most strains of the Virus, this one included.

In today’s media, the hype is now more than what it seems. People tend to lead on more than what there really is just for the rating. As well as more and more people seem to depend on the media to make there every day basic decisions. According to Time magazine, in an article found in the Time Health section, This Years Flu is now as bad as 2009 Swine Flu Epidemic, CDC., is your basic news scare to have people divided to be on one side of the fence than the other. Some people say that the vaccines are a gift from the God’s while other’s disgrace of it. Although eating healthy and being healthy isn’t always full proof, other’s will ten to disagree. Regardless of not of your opinion it is a personal choice I feel and one should not leave it up to the media to play a part in such an important role of your health.

  Instruction: you will respond to the original post in 100-150 words in a substantive manner.  The post must move the science discussion of the microbe forward.  You must paraphrase from all sources and cite in text as well as provide full end ref information in APA format.  You may never use Wikipedia or any other Open Source to support college level work!  You must paraphrase from all sources as direct quotation is not acceptable in science writing. Word count does not include references!

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