Humans are unable to digest cellulose

Please answer each question separately.

1. Humans are unable to digest cellulose. No animal, in fact, can digest cellulose with its OWN digestive enzymes. Knowing this, predict what you think is actually responsible for digesting cellulose in a cow’s stomach. Why?

2. Propose a model for how what you identified in the question above is able to break down cellulose (i.e. what bonds are broken, what type of reaction is taking place)

3. Diagram the reaction that would take place to break bonds between two glucose monomers. (The best approach to answer this question is to hand draw and then insert the image as your answer).

4.  Cattle industries will often add antibiotics in their feed. What is the purpose of antibiotics? Why might cattle industries use them? You may use online resources to research this. 


5. Examine the chart (attached below). What happens to the rumen microbial population after cattle are given antibiotics? How might this affect their digestion?

6.  Discuss the pros and cons to antibiotic use in cattle.


7. Do you think that antibiotics should be used in farming? Justify your response. You may use online resources to research this.

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