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In this assignment, you develop an assessment measure and scoring instrument to assess a selected learning outcome.


Select a learning objective or goal for a particular topic and a specific target audience. Your audience should ideally represent the level of learners with which you currently work, or should represent learners you aspire to work with in the future. This includes, but is not limited to, K-12 populations, higher education students, or corporate training.


Create a test to assess the chosen learning objective and audience. The test must be a formative test and must measure the learning that has occurred over a specific time period, such as a unit of study or workshop.


Include the following in your test:

· One open-ended (essay, presentation, and other examples) test item that requires a grading instrument, such as a grading rubric. Corporate trainers can use an outcome expected from training along with an assessment measure.

· Ensure that the test is aligned to the state standards. The testing items must include the state or professional benchmark; therefore guiding students on where there are weaknesses and strengths.


Create a grading instrument (rubric) to score the open-ended test item.

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