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The ability to reproduce is a

very important property of life.

Living things that cannot

reproduce will slowly

disappear from the life map

and become extinct. Several

factors can prevent living

things from being a successful

breeder; however, this will not

be covered at this time.

Reproduction takes place at all

levels of the organization

when a single cell can reproduce a multicellular organism

also can reproduce. The cells result of reproduction usually

resembles its parent if not identical in some cases.

The mechanism of reproduction can be one of several


Living things can reproduce sexually; this means male

and female organisms to produce sperm and egg, after

the sperm fertilizes the egg a new organism has been


Different organisms reproduce via asexual reproduction;

this does not require sperm and egg or fertilization at

the correct conditions a new organism will bud out from

the parent such as the Hydra.

The third mechanism can be seen in bacteria when one

cell is duplicated into two daughter cells.

For any of these mechanisms and any living organism’s

condition, the environment must be good for reproduction

for the offspring to survive.


Growth & Development

Growth means an increase in the size and the number of

cells, the human body starts after fertilization as one cell

that undergoes mitosis and continues to increase in

numbers. After birth this continues and results in building

different organs and structures developed to reach their

functional level, DNA controls the degree and level of

growth and development.

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