human resource considerations

identify 3 human resource considerations with your selected country (China) , such as labor laws and safety. Provide a recommendation for dealing with the identified issues. For each identified issue, include the following:

A description of the issue
An explanation of why that issue could arise if Southwest were to expand into the chosen country (China).
A recommended strategy for dealing with the issue, including enough detail that specific tactical actions could be developed
Create a 10- to 12-slide presentation on your expansion recommendation along with potential issues for the Southwest Board of Directors. Include speaker notes detailed enough so a colleague can give the presentation without previous knowledge.

Cite all sources.

Format your citations according to APA guidelines.




Anthony Post


Anthony Esparza (he/him/his)
I find New Zealand very interesting and with a score very low on the power distance dimension (22). According to Hofstede, “within organizations, hierarchy is established for convenience, superiors are always accessible and managers rely on individual employees and teams for their expertise. Both managers and employees expect to be consulted and information is shared frequently. At the same time, communication is informal, direct and participative (Hofstede, 2021).” I feel like this environment among leadership and employee would be very collaborative with direct. I enjoy working within these type of organizations and is definitely where I see companies leading towards.

With Thailand scoring 64 on power distance index, according to Hofstede,” slightly lower than the average Asian countries (71). It is a society in which inequalities are accepted; a strict chain of command and protocol are observed.” Each rank has its privileges and employees show loyalty, respect and deference for their superiors in return for protection and guidance. This may lead to paternalistic management (Hofstede, 2021). This is on the opposite index score versus New Zealand and giving more formality among leadership and employee in the workplace relationship.


Janet post


West Africa fascinates me because as a little girl my Mother uses to speak French and was an awesome storyteller. She used both of these skills very often when she traveled to different parts of West Africa on missions and she also housed missionaries from West Africa. Red rice and okra was on of their staple foods in which we used to partake in often. The information on the table presented Individualism as the top key cultural difference and Power Distance not trailing that far behind in comparison to the United States. Looking at this table and getting a better understanding of it just confirm what the text said, “Practices found to be effective in the United States may not be effective in a culture that has different beliefs and values” (Hollenbeck et al, 2019 Chapter 15). Suggestion systems wouldn’t go well in West Africa due to the fact their power distance in the higher range as they’d much rather maintain the differences of power and wealth. Therefore, they most likely aren’t nor would they be interested in practicing suggestion systems as that might give their employees too much power or hopes for some to come. I believe this to be the case with self managing work teams as well. Not only because of suggestion systems but self-managing teams in West Africa will make this practice ineffective as it might be too close to an employee learning just as much as management and then blur the lines of power. However, it can be effective also because West Africa is a collectivist culture and while this practice helps in preventing discrimination, they work for the greater good of the employees/looking after the interest of the larger community. They will show lack of interest and may not derive the intended benefits of the appraisal, which will probably stem from their perceptions of the process being unfair and/or an opportunity to be victimized by their superiors. Again, being that West Africa is a collectivist culture, which ranks the individual low, then extensive assessment would not matter much. I believe that if a job needs to be done, it wouldn’t matter to the employer to get a better understanding of the candidate.


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