healthy and environmentally beneficial

In this scenario, you will be working as a scientific expert in the public relations office of AwesomePlantMeat, Inc. The CFO came in to your office and said that you have lost 25% of your orders this month due to a smear campaign being put on by a Meat company competitor.

A public relations guy for MeatCompany, Inc. has been making the rounds on Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN talking about a recent research paper that was published. He has been pushing the idea that plant based meats are not as healthy and environmentally beneficial as we once thought.

You will want to read the paper that he is basing his argument on.

Then read this synopsis of his interview:

The meat industry has been inappropriately maligned over the past few years. So it was nice to see the authors Gorrison and Wiltard put out their research showing how plant based meat is no better for you or the environment than real meat.

If you want to gain muscle mass or maintain your muscle mass as you age then the only way to do it is by taking in proteins from meat. It is that plain and simple. When you look at the people of the entire planet, those who do not eat as much animal protein just don’t create as much muscle as we do in America. There is just no way of getting the adequate amino acids that your body needs by only eating plants. They even showed that no plant source of protein out there can get you all the essential amino acids that you need to survive. Is decreasing your use of animal products really worth your health? These fine scientists said that you cannot maintain your health without getting these amino acids from meat products. The researchers even showed that harvesting plants creates just as much carbon dioxide as raising animals! So eating all those different plant proteins create no less greenhouse gas than eating beef or pork.

There are companies out there that are trying to confuse consumers by saying that fake meat is just as good for you as real meat. I caution the listeners to do their research. Even if they create different blends there is no blend that will get you the same ratios of the amino acids that you need to build muscle mass. It is so nice that these researchers showed that meat proteins like the ones that we create are the best way of getting protein in your diet.

You are to read the article, read the synopsis, then write a response to his position. You should point out where he is wrong, how he is misleading the public, and correct the record so your plant-based meat company doesn’t lose additional market share that they have worked so hard to gain.

Your response needs to clarify or refute at least 5 points that he made in his news clip. Not all of the points he makes are wrong, just some may be incomplete or misleading. Each point that you refute needs to be supported.


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