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Powerpoint Slides: In this part of the Post lab assignment, you continue to build your final presentation for the semester-long Wolbachia project.
Your final presentation for this course will include these slides that cover this information.
Refer to the Powerpoint “Style Guide” to earn a better grade!
Slide 1: Create a slide that contains the drawings of your insect.
On the drawing(s) indicate and label the specific structures and features that you used in the key to help you identify the Order of your insect.
For example, if you identified your insect in Order Lepidoptera, you should communicate on the slide that the insect has two pairs of fully-developed wings and long, coiled, tube-like mouthparts. These are the structures that are necessary to identify the insect as belonging to this Order using the key.
DO NOT write out entire couplets from the key!
Labels can be hand-written or typed in a textbox in PowerPoint: they MUST be easy to read.
Images should be clear and without distortion and should fill most of the slide area.
Slide 2: Create a slide that presents the following information about your insect Order using these resources that provide reliable information about insects: UF Featured Creatures (contains peer-reviewed information) and/or Encyclopedia of Life (contains peer-reviewed information)
the habitat of insects in the Order
the diet of insects in the Order
the life cycle of insects in the Order
at least one unique trait of insects in the Order
Slide 3: Insert a completed table (similar/identical to the one from step #9 in Part six on page 67) that presents information about Wolbachia infection in your insect Order:
You must include information from two peer-reviewed scholarly journal articles for your insect’s Order and information from local insects collected by former BIOL 1107L students. The local information is available again here
Be sure to include information about prevalence, reproductive phenotype, location, climate, and habitat when applicable from all three sources.
Slide 4: Present your prediction about Wolbachia infection in your insect sample, and state your rationale for this prediction.
You should have written this prediction in step #10 on page 67.
You should state a prediction regarding the presence or absence of Wolbachia in your insect.
Remember that a prediction includes a method of testing AND a predicted outcome.
After your prediction, you should include the rationale for your prediction.
You should explain why you made the prediction that you did based upon the information about prevalence in the two peer-reviewed articles AND information about insects previously collected here by BIOL 1107L students.
Slide 5: You need to provide references for your work in the proper format
The PowerPoint Style Guide provides directions for how to do this, and these directions are also detailed in for final slide under Exercise 2 Postlab Instructions
Assignment Submission Instructions
Save and name your file
Report your work as information in 5 MS Powerpoint slides. Details on what each of these slides should include can be found above.
Check yourself using the associated rubric (Exercise 3 Postlab Assignment Rubric).
You may NOT submit Google Slides or any other software equivalent. If you prepare your slides in Google Slides, be sure to download as a MS Powerpoint file before uploading to the postlab dropbox.

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