Early Theories of Media Effects

Describe and provide a detailed explanation and summary of the following theories and free expression issues.

This assignment will require you to conduct research on the Internet.

You will research the topics below and as a minimum use several academic papers for the topics listed from the JSTOR database or any other academic journal database to satisfy the topic requirements.

Chapter 15

   Early Theories of Media Effects

· Hypodermic Needle Theory

· Minimal-Effects Model

· Uses and Gratifications Model

   Contemporary Media Effects Theories

· Social Learning Theory

· Agenda Setting Theory

· Cultivation Effect

· Spiral of Silence

· Third-Person Effect

Chapter 16

   The Origins of Free Expression and Free Press

· Explain what are the Models of Expression, and summarize the main points for the section The First Amendment of the US Constitution, explain Censorship as int, the Unprotected Forms of Expression including Seditious Expression, Copyright Infringement, Libel, Defense against Libel Charges, Obscenity, and The Right to Privacy.

What to Submit:

One completed Media Theories Research paper, as a Word or PDF format document with all information written and detailed.

Separately, include a title page and reference page. The document must be numbered with a running head.

· minimum 10 pages, typed in Microsoft Office Word or PDF format

· Font: Times New Roman Size:12 pts, Double spaced

· Essay, not bullets

· You can include no more than 4 images in the document

· Download the PDF files of the academic papers that you will use in this research.

· You can also use any Internet web page for your research, you are not limited only to the academic papers.

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