dieting and maintaining a certain weight

M04 Discussion: Should You Eat Every Day?

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In this module, you learned about cellular respiration which breaks down the food you eat to create energy for your cells (ATP).  The latest from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (posted by the CDC) put the rate of obese adults at 42.4 (up 2.5% from the 2015-2016 survey).  Why is it so hard for many people to lose weight?  Why are there so many different “diets” out there, and which ones actually work?  Watch the video “Should you eat every day?” and read a short article about how obesity impacts those who are infected with COVID, then answer the questions below.  Don’t forget to respond to another student.

Should You Eat Every Day (Links to an external site.)

1.  What kind of “diet” is this video discussing?

2.  Name two pieces of evidence discussed in the video used to convince you that this type of eating pattern will help you lose weight.

3.  Would you try this type of “diet”?  Why do you think diets do or do not work for many people?

4.  Review the section on Obesity and Covid-19 (Links to an external site.).  How does this information affect your thoughts about dieting and maintaining a certain weight?

For some statistics from the CDC read this article on Prevalence of Obesity (Links to an external site.)

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