confidential patient information thesis


When posting on the Discussion Board in your online class, you should:

Make posts that are on-topic and within the scope of the course material

Take your posts seriously, review, and edit your posts before sending

Be as brief as possible while still making a thorough comment

Always give proper credit when referencing or quoting another source

Be sure to read all messages in a thread before replying

Do not repeat someone else’s post without adding something of your own to it

Avoid short, generic replies such as, “I agree.” You should include why you agree or add to the

previous point

Always be respectful of others’ opinions even when they differ from your own

When you disagree with someone, you should express your differing opinion in a respectful,

non-critical way

Do not make personal or insulting remarks

Do not use slang terms such as “wassup?” and texting abbreviations such as “u” instead of “you”

Avoid using the caps lock feature AS IT CAN BE INTERPRETED AS YELLING

Be cautious when using humor or sarcasm like tone is sometimes lost in an email or discussion

post and your message might be taken seriously, or offensive

Be careful with personal information (both yours and other’s)

Do not send confidential patient information via post or discussion post

Be open-minded

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