ACO Improve the Health of Its Population

case study

This homework consists of 3 separate assignments each focused on a specific case study. Each case and subsequent homework question are taken from the Olden text.
In order to fully answer each homework question, your response should typically range
between 1-2 pages per question or 3-5 pages for the entire homework, double spaced
using a 12-point typeface.

Each homework assignment is worth a maximum of 33 points.
I. How can an ACO Improve the Health of Its Population-p.417
After reading the above case, Select two of the eight motivation theories discussed
in Chapter 10 of the text and explain how Ms. Dillow could use each to motivate
staff to care about and improve the health of patients and their community.
II. The Rocky Road to Patient Satisfaction at Leonard-Griggs-pp. 423-425
After reading the above case, referring to exhibits 13.2 and 13.3, which of the five
conflict resolution styles do you think Ms. Ratcliff should use to resolve the conflict?
Justify your answer.
III. Disparities in Care at Southern Regional Health System-pp. 414-415
After reading the above case, explain how professionalism and cultural competence
will be important for Mr. Hank as he tries to reduce disparities in care at Southern

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