The Skeletal System Thesis


Question 1

Which statement is NOT true regarding the skeletal system?


A. Spongy bone of flat bones in adults is commonly filled with red bone marrow

B. External stresses placed on the bone (such as exercise) will increase the bone matrix density

C. Osteocytes are “connected” to one another via canaliculi

D. Osteoclasts secrete collagen fibers to induce increased bone density

Question 2

Which choice is true regarding myoglobin?


A. It is a molecule that can store ATP molecules within the muscle cell

B. It is a molecule that can store glycogen to be used to make ATP

C. It causes muscle cells to have a reddish color/appearance

D. Found in high concentrations within fast glycolytic muscle fibers

Question 3

What statement is NOT true regarding synovial joints?


A. Every synovial joint has a meniscus

B. The joint cavity is completely surrounded by an articular capsule

C. The joint cavity contains synovial fluid

D. Articular cartilage covers the epiphyseal ends of articulating bones

Question 4

Which statement is true of articulations (joints)?


A. Cartilaginous joints are freely moveable

B. Tendons do not assist in stabilization of joints

C. Bursas assist cartilaginous joints function

D. Cranial bone sutures are classified as fibrous joints

Question 5

Autosomal recessive traits and disorders typically show up in each generation.




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