The amino acid Alanine Case Study

You may send your answers only, as long as the problems they refer to are clear.

1. Carbon-14 has atomic number 6 and mass number 14. How many protons, neutrons and electrons

does it have?

______ protons, ______ neutrons, ______ electrons

For 2-3, choose among the following and write the number.

(1) Hydrogen bond (2) ionic bond (3) covalent bond

2. What kind of bond is the polypeptide bond between amino acids in proteins? ______

3. What kind of bond is effective between two strands of DNA? ______

4. [True or False?] The amino acid Alanine, which has CH3 as the side chain, is likely to be exposed to

water. True _____ False _____

5. What kind of biological molecules perform essential life functions such as catalysis, molecular

transport, communication and cell structure? ______

(1) Carbohydrate (2) lipids (3) proteins (4) nucleic acids

For 6-7, choose from the following and write the number.

(1) nucleus (2) Golgi body (3) ribosome

6. DNA are enclosed in this part of the cell. ______

7. Protein synthesis happens here. ______

8. What is the basic building unit of proteins? _____

(1) ribose sugar (2) nucleotide (3) fatty acid (4) amino acid

For 9-11, choose from the following and write the number.

(1) Primary structure (2) secondary structure (3) tertiary structure

9. alpha helix and beta sheet _____

10. amino acid sequence of proteins _____

11. three dimensional folding of proteins _____

12. If a segment of DNA reads as 5’ – TTTGCCAAAA – 3’, what would be the sequence of

corresponding portion of the other strand of the DNA? ______________________________

13. If a segment of DNA reads as 5’ – TTTGCCAAAA – 3’, and is transcribed into mRNA, what would

be the sequence of that mRNA? ______________________________

14. [True or False?] Meiosis preserves the number of chromosomes. True _____ False _____

For questions 15-20, refer to the following and use the number 1-5 for your answer.

(1) anaphase (2) prophase (3) telophase (4) cytokinesis (5) metaphase

15. Arrange (1) to (5) in the correct order of occurrence during Mitosis (for example, 1,2,3,4,5)


16. Chromosomes unfold and nuclei reappear around them in this step _____

17. Chromosomes align themselves along the mid-plane of the cell in this step. _____

18. The cell physically divides into two daughter cells in this step. _____

19. Chromosomes separate in a well-choreographed manner in this step. _____

20. DNA condense to chromosomes and mitotic spindles appear in this step. _____

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