Small Business Witten Assignment 2

Submit a fully developed essay in response to each of the following questions. Note that there is a suggested length for each question.

  1. Read the attachment. Answer the following:
      • Why is your research thus far inadequate for what you need to know?
      • What else might you do to find the information you need?(30 words)
  1. Assume you plan to market a new clothing line. Develop a hypothetical customer profile for each of the following possible target market segmentation approaches:
      • unsegmented strategy
      • multisegment strategy
      • single-segment strategy

For each approach, develop as many specifics as you can to describe the typical consumer in that target market. (Suggested length: 350 words)

  1. From your present familiarity with the locale where you live, assume you plan to open a small restaurant featuring Portuguese food. Use the Five Key Factors in Determining a Good Business Location to describe the optimum location in your area for your restaurant. (Suggested length: 350 words)

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