Prenatal Alcohol and Drug Exposure

PowerPoint Presentation


Topic:Prenatal Alcohol and Drug Exposure: Impact and intervention

Overview: This PowerPoint presentation will demonstrate your knowledge of your researched

subject. Your PowerPoint Presentation must be written in APA format .

Aim: You will report your findings on your topic. You will try to inform the audience about your

topic, present the problem, offer optional solutions, and persuade your audience to adopt the

point of view you have gained in your research.

Format: You should tell how the topic is important to listeners. Indicate the overall content and

organization of the presentation. Use research material to develop and support key issues

Use 8-11 slides, one slide must be a title slide with the presenter(s)’ names on it, the last slide

Must include your references.

Use 2-3 visuals (charts, tables, graphs, photos).

Summarize and make a natural closing PowerPoint presentation should have at least seven reference in APA

format. PowerPoint should be should include a voice over (Narrative) with automatic slide


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