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ITM Capstone


QUESTION: How would one distinguish between an organizational weakness and a threat to the organization?

Reply 1:

In any organization there are some objectives need to be analyzed in a regular manner to maintain the stability in the organization .with such stability their management can achieve their aims and goal none or minimal damages to happen in the way of achievements . on the way of examining or reviewing factors will support in finding internal and external factors of the organization can impact or affect the company success or outcomes.as we know majorly 4 factors will be considered those should analyze them and apply them properly to the organization to maintain stability within it.

Influences of weakness in an organization

Weakness is such aspects the management should not neglect or underestimated. If it has taken an easy point this will give poor results at end time results. the regular meeting among customers and employees with departments will provide perfect picture to make the list of customer requirements may not pleasant to employees at time but customers opinion would take as major aspects because customer satisfaction is the major mark of an organization .the place where many individuals are working as team in organization, a weak communication system could harm the unity which can prevent the team from finishing goals with full potential .lack of commitment toward their work and affect so many internal objectives .weakness is such quality which influence and determine the company success. However, weaknesses can be eliminated and controllable with proper decision making, possible strategies and its implementation on future projects. Lack of resources, insufficient assets also reflects a weakness in an organization.

The inclination of the possible threats to an organization

Threats are uncontrollable but yet manageable by possible precautions could be taken before threat creates any issues in organization. these are ascending from external environmental conditions leads to changes in traditional ways of technologies may affect the profitability of future project, threats may not intimidate immediate results or by quick action but it can send some hints or signs for upcoming dangers .sometimes they are related to company weakness such as threats from competitors of the same sector or organization’s vulnerabilities within the organization.

Reply 2:-

Change is something that is constant. This is because, with the way that IT and science are moving in the current scenario, there are several varied factors that are coming into play. All these factors go ahead and, in an attempt, to make sure that productivity and all its associated empowerments are at its maximum level of efficiency, it is definitely a mandate to make an important change as and when it is required. It has however been noted that there are several cases when the change even though considered as something necessary is something that the people of the company are not comfortable with accepting at varied levels (Parsells, 2013).

Reasons to decline

There are multiple factors that play into the whole point as to why change is something that is needed. In this assignment, however, we would be looking at a few of the factors that lead to why people do not like change or why they resist it. The first factor that is most prevalent to this cause is self-interest. No matter what the process is, once the people get used to doing the same thing a million times, it has been seen that these processes start to become a much more simplified process for themselves. When there are any changes that are offered to it that may simplify the process the overall thought of changing what has been their daily method of working is something that puts them off, and they decide against it. The second point is a misunderstanding. They do not have full knowledge or are not informed completely about the entire thing (Perregrini, 2019).

As a result, what happens is that they go ahead and have issues with the entire process as a whole. This is something which happens very regularly as people tend to jump to conclusions before making an effort to understand the whole picture. Apart from this, one trait that most organizations look for in their employees is the ability to be adaptive. However, sadly, there are a large number of people who do not possess this trait at all. People who are rigid by nature are very hard to handle as they do not wish to change their mind at all in any of the scenarios. This is why it makes it very difficult for them to make sure that them to work in any process as they are keen on throwing tantrums and be vocal about the issues at any slight reference of changes. Then there are people who do not have the same faith that the system will bring forward any change. They are firm believers in the philosophy that if it is not broken, then there is no need to try and fix it.

Summary and discussion

Most of the issues that come forward from the part where information is not properly provided to the employees can be tackled by having a proper communication channel between the management and the employees. By giving them the full picture, these issues can be completely negated.



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