Informatics Program Assignment

NURS 521

Informatics Program Assignment Overview


Informatics nurses are often involved in program development and management for large health IT implementations. In the two-part Informatics Program Assignment, you will choose one type of program to focus on from the options below. You will then write two papers, one describing a needs assessment and one describing a program implementation plan.


Start by choosing one of the following options:

Option 1:

An organization is interested in developing a telehealth program to address disparity in access to healthcare in a rural community.

Option 2:

An organization is interested in developing a simulation education center to enhance interdisciplinary collaboration skills and fill a need for area nursing education programs.

Option 3:

An organization is interested in purchasing a new electronic health record (EHR) program because the current program has become outdated.

Once you’ve selected one of the options above, you will use it as the focal topic for two Informatics Program Assignments. Your work does not have to focus on a specific organization or community; it can be a general description of a needs assessment and implementation plan for the type of program you selected.

1. Informatics Program: Need Assessment Assignment

2. Informatics Program: Implementation Plan Assignment

Each assignment is a formal 5 – 8 page paper. Please see assignment instructions and grading rubric for each for more detail regarding expectations.

You will submit both papers through the Turnitin plagiarism tool to check the originality of your work.

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