Fruit Flies and Genetics Research

1. Fruit Flies and Genetics Research: Imagine you are working in a genetics lab with the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster, a model organism for genetics research. You want to determine whether a trait you have discovered in fruit flies is dominant or recessive.

• Explain how you would design an experiment to answer this question.

• Predict what types of outcomes are possible. Which would indicate that the trait is dominant? Which would indicate that it is recessive?

2. Model Genetic Organisms: Why are fruit flies considered a model genetic organism? Would humans fit this description?

3. Adaptations to a Changing Environment

• Explain why it is necessary for organisms to have the ability to adapt.

• Why is the current environment making it difficult for organisms to adapt?

• Explain how organisms develop adaptations.

4. Artificial Selection

• Explain how artificial selection is like natural selection.

• Why are quail useful subjects for an experiment on selection? What other organisms share similar characteristics?

5. Species Interactions

• Describe the form of species interaction that was observed between members of lion pride and between lions and hyenas.

• Explain how this type of interaction may affect the population densities of the two species.

6. Competition Between Species

• Competition occurs when organisms compete for access to limiting resources. Can you think of resources that are not limiting?

7. Selection of Traits

• Do you think natural selection has shaped traits in these species that makes them better competitors?

• If so, what types of traits might be involved? Explain your reasoning.

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