DNA technology and evolution Thesis


Read this New York Times article by author James Gorman which will introduce you to the idea of DIY biology. After reading it proceed with the activities below.

  • Part 1: Using your understanding of DNA technology and evolution, summarize changes that would need to take place in order to create organisms such as the Jabberjay and Mockingjay.
  • Part 2: Conduct further research into the idea of DIY biology and genetic engineering. Briefly summarize your findings and provide a specific bioengineering example. Cite references using MLA format.
  • Part 3: State your opinion of the DIYbio movement and whether you believe government regulation or publishing restrictions should be put into place. Why or why not? Provide specific evidence and a logical argument to support your opinion. Simply stating you ‘feel’ or ‘believe’ something is insufficient justification.
  • should be prepared and cited using MLA format. Submit your final work as a single document.

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