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  • Internal Controls

You have been asked to join the board of a large corporation. What are some of the first questions that you should ask and what are the expected answers you should receive?

(Kindly write at least one page essay to respond to the previous question)

  • In the video “The Sarbanes Oxley Act – The First Decade”, between minutes 34- 50, there is a discussion about internal controls and the impact on organizations. Listen to the commentary and discuss your opinions on Sarbanes/Oxley impact on the economy; is it effective? If so why did we have another economic event in 2008?


(Kindly write two page essay to respond to the previous question)

3- In the company you have been analysing (Microsoft), search to see if you are able to find a Corporate Sustainability Report. If you are able to find one, use that as your base for answering the discussion board questions. If not, go to the GRI website, and select a different CSR.

  • Is the company using the GRI Framework?
  • Provide a brief analysis on the topics covered in the report. Do you feel that they have addressed all CSR aspects relevant to the company? Why or why not?

What opportunities do you see for auditors and consultants in this area?

(Kindly write at least two page essay to respond to the previous question)

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