Write a summary of the company AirBnB

Please see link for web site. All Questions to be answered from llink.

See the content resources on this company, pull up their website, and research two other sources. Write a summary of the company. Include history, leadership team, the makeup board of directors (how diverse), revenue and profit history, their business model. Include in your summary key elements of the airbnb business canvas model, which is shown in the url here: https://canvanizer.com/new/business-model-canvas

(A link will be provided in the case module as well.) In a separate document, provide answers, to all the questions on the canvas….organize paper just like the canvas:

1. Key partners

i. who are the key partners/suppliers:[provide response]

ii. what are motivations for these partners (what would they expect to get out of the partnership?): [provide response]


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