Wk 4, IOP 490: Using I/O Psychology to Mitigate Workplace Challenges

Assignment ContentUse the needs assessment from your Week 1 organization (see Project Portfolio Workplace Assessment – The Whole System) and the assessment tools created in Week 2 (see Using Measurement Tools and Gauging Employee Satisfaction).Explain organizational culture and Include the following:IntroductionDescribe one issue of diversity in the workplace you chose.Discuss how diversity impacts the organizational culture.Identify potential cultural impacts of change.Identify the government regulations and rules that apply to your workplace and the resulting effects on organizational culture.Explain why leaders and the organization must follow government and industry regulations when making decisions and demonstrating ethical behavior. Consider laws as outlined by Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Food and Drug Administration, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Environmental Protection Agency, Securities and Exchange Commission, Federal Communications Commission and National Labor Relations Board.Present the usefulness of IO/P principles, and the theories and techniques that could be applied in the assessment and creation of organizational culture.ConclusionEach bullet needs to be at least 100 – 300 words in complete sentences.Cite at least 4 referencesAPA Style

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