Wk 2 6220 Discussion Response

COLLAPSEI chose to analyze Wade Winston Wilson, also known as Deadpool.  This interesting person has n array of personality qualities that are expressed in his behaviors that are amplified by cultural impacts and events that have occurred as crucial points in his life.  The military culture impacted Mr. Wilson’s ability to remove emotion from stressful situations and shut out negative thoughts so a mission can be accomplished.  This was prior to his depart from the services; since his departure Mr. Wilson fell in love but subsequently was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer.  Fearing the emotional toll it would take on his fiancé, Mr. Wilson leaves without notice.  He was approached about a cure for his cancer and enticed with the ability to go back to his love, but this process resulted in biological changes and disfigurement that angered Mr. Wilson, now known as Deadpool. (Lovece, 2016) Using humor and disregard for his own life he sought the person that caused his changes for revenge and a possible cure.  Deep down and through his outward thought process, it is clear that Deadpool still has strong morals and emotional awareness that are the motivations behind his actions.To best understand the personality development of Deadpool over time, the most appropriate theory is a Neo-Psychoanalytic theory by Carl Jung.  Within his theory, Jung focuses on evolution of personality over time, people seek identity and sense of meaning, and that the unconscious mind stays in tune with repressed memories and experiences.  (Cervone & Pervin, 2019) Mr. Wilson served in Special Forces in the military in which he learned to suppress emotion during stressful situations; this proves vital in his future endeavors. When presented with stressful and high tempo combat environments, emotional factors of the personality mature and self-awareness and control over emotions develop.In this process, Jung addresses the battle with opposing forces within the brain, if an individual stresses one persona more than another, they can lose a sense of self. (Cervone & Pervin, 2019)  As Mr. Wilson becomes Deadpool, he struggles with who he has always been, and this new identity.  The need to balance this opposition is what allows Deadpool to maintain his emotional qualities.  The evolution of change within his biological self, and his external appearances, Deadpool seeks to find meaning for life.  He cannot die because biological changes within his body allow for self-healing, so he must find meaning to adapt to his new life.  Carl Jung annotates that finding meaning and identity assist in forward progression of personality vice only relying on experiences. (Cervone & Pervin, 2019) Deadpool suffers from hideous deformational burns that cover his entire body, when he goes out he wears a full body suit. CFrom the devastation caused by this deformity, Deadpool seeks to find the person that caused this, which becomes his meaning of life and motivation for forward progress.Although Deadpool suffers with his new body and new life, he maintains his emotional awareness; this is a part of his personality that he seems to hold onto.  His love for his fiancé fuels his desire to find a cure, and motivates his efforts towards tracking down the individual responsible.  Some of the thoughts that usually run through individual’s minds as they decide how to act or approach a situation are clear and evident through his ability, through portrayal in media, to communicate thoughts directly to the audience. (Lovece, 2016)  The equivalent of this is having conversations in the mind to problem solve, analyze, or develop rationale in a situation.  This quality is what helps outsiders understand his rationale and mindset in his decision-making. Deadpool’s personality evolved over time due to events that affected his life direction.  He adapted to situations and altered his approach to his environment by finding new meaning within his current role.ReferencesCervone, D., & Pervin, L. A. (2019). Personality: Theory and research (14th ed.). Wiley.Lovece, F. (2016). Everyone into the Deadpool: Producer Simon Kinberg helps revive Marvel’s raunchy superhero. https://web.archive.org/web/20160128182927/http://www.filmjournal.com/features/deadpool-marvel-simon-kinberg-producer-interview

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