Why is the plant wilting?

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After considering the scientific method explained in the textbook, write an essay about how it compares to the way nonscientists approach problems. Identify some problems that are solvable scientifically and some that are not. Using one or two small problems, describe the process you would go through in solving that problem using the scientific method. Discuss the significance of the scientific approach to the development and advancement of human knowledge)

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The scientific is the method that scientist use to understand the world around us. The scientific method states that in order to conduct studies on structures and processes it must be observable and measurable. Data is the foundation on which this type of investigation. The scientific method use experiments that can be repeated several numerous times to validate the results. This approach also uses the process of trial and error. The scientific approach is just one of the ways of accruing knowledge.

There are many non –scientific means of knowing these include: Tradition which is knowledge that have been passed from generation to generation and accepted as true. Experience is also another means of gaining knowledge from personal experiences. Beliefs and accruing knowledge from authority figures like parents. The problem with non-scientific methods is that unlike the scientific approached there are not observable, are measurable for examples you cannot measure a belief and experiences are subjective and non-repetitive.

Science is use to solve problems such as engine problems in cars and plans, population growth and crime solving. This method cannot answer the question like is there spirit beings, does God exist, science cannot solve issues that are not tangible.

The method use in approach the weight loss and exercise issues is first observation; People going to the gym daily and getting no results. Then I would ask the question, does exercise helps you lose weight? After this develop a hypothesis: People do not lose weight by exercising but by a change in diet and lifestyle. My fourth step would be to make a prediction: If a person changes their eating habits and life style they will lose over twenty pounds in three months. I will then conduct an experiment to test my hypothesis, Apply a low carbohydrate, sugar and a change in eating habits together with sleep times for three months My final would be to Repeat or accept results.

The scientific approach has been use in advance medicine and diseases such as cancer and diabetes in agricultural development around the world special mention to third world countries and in communication and technology hence we now have google app and satellites in space


The scientific method has five major steps. The first is to observe a problem. For example, the plant is wilting. The second is to ask a question. Why is the plant wilting? The third step is to formulate a hypothesis. The plant is wilting because it needs water. Then predict what will happen. The plant will perk up if I water it. The next step is to experiment. I water the plant. The hypothesis can then be revised to try to solve the problem. Instead of needing water, maybe the plant has an infestation. The new hypothesis would include the infestation instead of the water issue. The plant is wilting because it is infested with small flies. Then experiment again. I will use a plant safe bug spray to get rid of the infestation. The experiments will either support the hypothesis or a new hypothesis will be made.

Most problems can be solved using the scientific method. Even household problems including a broken TV remote or a wilting plant. The scientific method does have a couple limitations. The hypothesis must be testable, and the experiments and observations must be repeatable. Any problem that cannot be solved with multiple attempts should not be used as an example of the scientific method. For example, why did the egg crack in its carton. After the egg is already cracked, an experiment cannot be performed multiple times without getting more eggs.

The development and advancement of human knowledge is favourably affected by the scientific method. The scientific method is an organized way to perform experiments and collect data in a more controlled environment.

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