What is meant by antimicrobial resistance? Susceptibility?

Define an

antimicrobial agent.


2. What is meant by antimicrobial resistance? Susceptibility?


3. Why are pure cultures used for antimicrobial susceptibility testing?


4. Would it be acceptable to use a mixed culture for this test? Why?


5. List three factors that can influence the accuracy of the test.


6. When performing a broth dilution test, why is it necessary to include a


growth control tube? A sterility control tube?


7. How can the

minimum bactericidal concentration of an antimicrobial agent


be determined from an MIC assay?


8. Could an organism that is susceptible to an antimicrobial agent in


laboratory testing fail to respond to it when that drug is used to treat the


patient? Explain.


9. Are antibacterial agents useful in viral infections? Explain.


10. Why is it better to use the word

susceptible rather than the word sensitive

in describing an organism’s response to a drug? When speaking of the


patient, what does the term

drug sensitivity mean?


11. Describe a mechanism of bacterial resistance to antimicrobial agents.


12. If the laboratory isolates

S. aureus from five patients on the same day, is it


necessary to test the antimicrobial susceptibility of each isolate? Why?

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