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Most firms today have strong written codes of ethical behavior; companies also

conduct training programs to ensure that employees understand proper behavior

in different situations. When conflicts arise involving profits and ethics, ethical

considerations sometimes are so obviously important that they dominate. In

other cases, however, the right choice is not clear. For example, suppose that

Norfolk Southern’s managers know that its coal trains are polluting the air, but

the amount of pollution is within legal limits, and further reduction would be

costly. Are the managers ethically bound to reduce pollution? Similarly, several

years ago Merck’s research indicated that its Vioxx pain medicine might be causing

heart attacks. However, the evidence was not overly strong, and the product

was clearly helping some patients. Over time, additional tests produced stronger

evidence that Vioxx did pose a health risk. What should Merck have done, and

when should Merck have done it? If the company released negative but perhaps

incorrect information, this announcement would have hurt sales and possibly

prevented some patients benefitting from the product. If the company delayed

the release of this additional information, more patients might have suffered

irreversible harm. At what point should Merck have made the potential problem

known to the public? There are no obvious answers to questions such as these, but

companies must deal with them, and a failure to handle them properly can lead

to severe consequences.

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