What are Public Relations At Work?

  • Communications professor John Marston proposed a four-step model of the process through which public relations can influence public opinion. These steps include research, action, communication, and evaluation. Explain in detail how Marston’s four-step approach can be used to shape public opinion on the story you researched for the first e-Activity. E-Activity:Research on the Internet a recent public relations campaign that was undertaken to address a corporate scandal or misbehavior by a government official or celebrity, and study what part ethics played in the campaign, whether positively or negatively. Be prepared to discuss.
  • Businesses choose celebrities to endorse their products for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, some of these celebrities act in ways that generate a lot of negative publicity for themselves and, by extension, for the sponsors who pay them. In the case of the celebrity you researched in the second e-Activity, explain in detail what actions you would take in this situation and why you would take them.E-Activity:Research on the Internet a celebrity who has generated negative publicity in recent years for his/her sponsoring company. Be prepared to discuss.

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