Week 7 Discussion

Please no plagiarism and make sure you are able to access all resource on your own before you bid. Main references come from Neukrug, E. S., & Fawcett, R. C. (2015) and/or Encyclopedia of Counseling (2017). You need to have scholarly support for any claim of fact or recommendation regarding treatment. APA format also requires headings. Use the prompt each week to guide your heading titles and organize the content of your initial post under the appropriate headings. Remember to use scholarly research from peer-reviewed articles that are current. I have attached examples and expectations, so you can see how to make full points. Please follow the instructions to get full credit for the discussion. The client Tracey is attached with the diagnosis. I need this completed by 01/07/19 at 4pm.DISCUSSION POSTS— For your Main discussion posts, I require that all posts be a MINIMUM of 250 words. The main post must contain a minimum of two (2) different references from a peer reviewed journal or scholarly book or scholarly website. It is a good idea to use your Learning Resources each week. Wikipedia does not count as a scholarly website since the information is not validated.Discussion – Week 7Top of FormCase Study and Assessments from MMYHow do clinicians find and select an appropriate assessment to administer to a client? One source of information is the Mental Measurements Yearbook (MMY). As you review the descriptions of the cases in “Practice Making a Diagnosis,” from Neukrug and Fawcett, consider issues that may be relevant and that you would like to assess. Review the list of possible issues in the handout and select two that you would like to explore further through the MMY.To Prepare:Review the descriptions of      cases in Exercise 3.3: “Practice Making a Diagnosis.”Select one of the cases and      consider assessments you would use to explore with this client.Search the Walden Library for      the Mental Measurements Yearbook as follows:In the Walden Library,       select Databases A-Z on the home page.Select M from       the alphabetic menu.Select Mental       Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print from the options.From the Learning Resources cases, identify two assessments in the MMY that you think would best provide information for you to consider exploring with this client.By Day 3 of Week 7Post your assessment selections and reasons why you selected these assessments. What would be the pros and cons of using each? Which would you select for this client?Be sure to support your postings and responses with specific references to the Learning Resources.Bottom of FormRequired ResourcesNeukrug, E. S., & Fawcett, R. C. (2015). Exercise 3.3: “Practice making a diagnosis.” In The essentials of Testing and Assessment: A practical guide for counselors, social workers, and psychologists (pp. 55). Stamford, CN: Cengage Learning.Carlson, J. F., Geisinger, K. F., & Jonson, J. L. (Eds.). (2017). The twentieth mental measurements yearbook. Lincoln, NE: Burros Center for Testing.Neukrug, E. S., & Fawcett, R. C. (2015). Chapter 6: “Statistical Concepts: Making Meaning out of Raw Scores.” In The essentials of Testing and Assessment: A practical guide to counselors, social workers, and psychologists (pp. 110-126). Stamford, CN: Cengage Learning.Neukrug, E. S., & Fawcett, R. C. (2015). Chapter 7: “Statistical concepts: Creating new scores to interpret test data.” In The essentials of Testing and Assessment: A practical guide to counselors, social workers, and psychologists (pp. 127-149). Stamford, CN: Cengage Learning.

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