Week 6:Organization cultural analysis

daysResearch and find any free organizational culture quiz. Some free quiz sites are provided below, but feel free to search and use your own quiz.http://peopleink.com/assessment.htmlhttps://www.leadershipiq.com/blogs/leadershipiq/quiz-whats-your-organizational-cultureTake the quiz and then copy/paste your results into a Word document and answer the following questions:Add two to four paragraphs about your learning experience impacted by the organizational culture quiz. Please specifically discuss/assess what you see as an ideal culture or a culture that is ideal for rapid change.In two to three paragraphs, discuss how Continuous Improvement is impacting healthcare, banking, retail and/or government (choose one area). Merger of Lean and Six Sigma are interesting topics you can explore here.Submit your assignment.PreviousNext

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