Week 6

research is to address one of the major areas of mass media:·  Print·  Radio/Music·  Television/Movie/Theater·  Internet-based media·  Video-gamingAfter choosing the area of mass media to research, examine the following areas related to the course competencies Use these as a guide when choosing research articles:Understand the major theories associated with the examination of psychological influences of the media.Understand the historical context of the media in the development of societal standards and perceptions.Analyze modern trends of the media in the development of societal standards and perceptions.Critically evaluate the relation between the historical and contemporary background of media influences to allow for a global and detailed view of the critical components responsible for impacting society.Demonstrate an understanding of the independent and dependent nature of media sources and the apparent consequences of such systems.Understand the evolving nature of media sources in a technologically advanced society.Evaluate the ability of individuals to mitigate the psychological impact of media influences on their daily lives and over time.Critically evaluate research studies focused on psychology and the media.

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