Week 5 Learning Activities

Learning Activity #1: Team Leader

You may need to do a bit of research to respond to this learning activity.

Your boss has named you team leader of a new project at work.

  • Explain the difference between teamwork and collaboration.
  • What are the different types of teams and why would an organization use different types of teams? Give examples.
  • What skills contribute to team success and what are contributing factor of team failure?
  • Make sure to use the course material to support the reasoning.

Learning Activity #2: Virtual Teams

Colin is a marketing researcher for a multinational food-products corporation. For the past two years, he has worked from home. The international division of the company has asked Colin to join a virtual team assigned to assess the prospects for a new sandwich planned for the Indian market.

List a few of the challenges that Colin is likely to encounter as a member of the virtual team. Explain the steps Colin would take to deal with each of the challenges listed.

Be sure to provide support

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