Week 10 Assignment

Please no plagiarism and make sure you are able to access all resources on your own before you bid. Main references come from Balkin, R. S., & Kleist, D. M. (2017) and/or American Psychological Association (2014). Assignments should adhere to graduate-level writing and be free from writing errors. I have also attached the resources given to complete the assignment. Please follow the instructions to get full credit. I need this completed by 11/01/19 at 4pm. You will complete the Final Project worksheet attached. Cast Study 2 is the focus. The teacher’s feedback from previous work has been included so you can correct it.Assignment – Week 10To PrepareReview the introductory media program for this Final Project as well as the Final Project Rubric and consider the requirements for Part 3 of your Final Project.Review your Final Project Worksheet that you have been working on throughout this course and use Part 3 of this worksheet for this Final Project submission.Assignment (3–5 pages)Using the Final Project Worksheet as a guide, develop the final polished draft of your Annotated Bibliography in an APA formatted paper. Make sure to include the following:Introduction which includes an overview of your chosen case study, client, intervention, and mental health issue.Approved Research Question.Search Strategy.Summaries of three scholarly articles that include Problem/Purpose, Research Question, Ethical and Cultural Considerations, Sampling, Methodology, Data/Analysis/Study Outcomes, Strengths, and Limitations.Evidence-based practice section including a summary of the findings of all articles and the answer to your research question.Treatment goal (action plan for school counselors) for your client in the case studyUse the worksheet to guide the development of your paper.Be sure to support your Final Project assignment with specific references to the Learning Resources as well as your research. Use proper APA format and citations.Required ResourcesLaureate Education (Producer). (2017a). Final project submission [Video file]. Baltimore, MD: Author.Note: The approximate length of this media program is 5 minutes.Accessible player  –Downloads– Download Video w/CC Download Audio Download Transcript

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