Waist circumference Thesis

Week 4 Rate your plate activity


Assess BMI and waist circumference, and compare two weight loss programs.


Waist circumference:

Instructions at www.cdc.gov/healthyweight/assessing/ (measure above hip, belly relexad at the level of the umbilicus)


With a BMI >25 health risks increase. It is especially advisable to consider weight loss if your BMI exceeds 30.

If a person has a BMI >25 and an abdominal circumference > 40 in men (102 cm) or 35 in (88 cm) in women, the risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension and diabetes increases significantly.

Do you feel you need to pursue a program of weight loss?

From what you learned in chapter 7, list three specific actions you can take to move toward or maintain a healthy weight (5points) ?

1. Track what you eat

2. Exercise daily

3. Drink more water



Use the following criteria to assess and compare weight loss programs (Ch. 7, page 250). The recommendation should explain, if and why a weight program might benefit you, and if you would recommend the program to others. (10 points)


Criteria Weight Loss Program 1 Weight Loss program 2
  Name: Weight Watchers Name: Jenny Craig
Website Weightwatchers.com Jennycraig.com
Rate of weight loss



-Encourages slow and steady weight loss

-1-2 lbs/week




-Supports Participation in social activities

-Adapts the plan to individual habits and taste




-meets nutrition needs

-includes common foods

-uses Myplate

Behavior modification



Overall Health



Scientific support – success rate

(add reference)



Personal experience







Please write a recommendation for one of the programs, and explain, why it would serve well for weight loss. Address long-term goals of weight maintenance briefly. (15 points).

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