use of plants for medicinal purposes

Assignment Instructions: Watch the documentary here, click link or watch below: The New Chimpanzee (Links to an external site.) presented by National Geographic.

Once you have watched the video, answer the following questions below.

· Please provide collegiate responses; meaning, your responses should be thoughtful and thorough. Each response should be at least 3 (or more depending on the question) well-thought-out sentences each. Anything below that will result in reduce points.

· It is recommended to watch the documentary once, and then again to help review and answer the questions more effectively.

Questions To Answer:

1. What tools are the chimpanzees shown using at the different sites? How do individuals learn to use tools? From whom do they learn?

2. Why do primatologists talk about chimpanzee behavior in terms of culture? What examples of cultural behaviors are discussed? How does the video present both tool use and nonmaterial behaviors (for example, handclasp grooming) as culture?

3. How are chimpanzees and bonobos different? What possible explanations are suggested for why they differ?

4. What does the film suggest about chimpanzee use of plants for medicinal purposes?

5. How do bonobos resolve conflicts? What is the character of bonobo social life?

6. Chimpanzees at Gombe and Taï National Parks hunt for colobus monkeys in groups, but researchers at each site (Stanford and Boesch/Boesch-Achermann) report different strategies in hunting activity. What are these different strategies? What possible explanations do the researchers offer for these differences?

7. Chimpanzees have to communicate with each other over long distances. What kind of information might be embedded in different chimpanzee calls?

8. Chimpanzees and bonobos are highly endangered. What are the threats to these animals and what is being done about them?

9. The film talks about chimpanzees and bonobos as “a mind in the forest.” What does this mean? Why should this matter to human beings?

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