Urgent, urg

The threaded discussion will provide the student with the opportunity to explore different topics, share what he/she is learning with classmates, and gain clarity about the content. This assignment reflects student-centered independent learning.The student will:? Apply critical thinking through the participation of selected topics? Engage in thoughtful discourse with peers? Incorporate topic discussion into clinical judgment and decision making within the settingDirections:Part 1:? The original post must be at least 200 ? 300 words in length? Describe what you feel is a typical older adult.? What are some of the typical characteristics you would expect to observe?? What are your thoughts about aging for your parents and/or yourself?? Share an experience you have had with an older adult (give examples). It can be positive, negative, challenging, or humorous. What did you learn from this experience?Part 2:? Post one response to the original post of any classmate? Your response should be 50+ words? Posting should ask for clarification, challenge respectfully ideas, or describe a situation that illustrates the points being made. Simply agreeing or disagreeing with a post is NOT adequate.

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