UMUC A Study Guide for Nikki Giovannis & Rosa Parks Annotated Bibliography


Conduct research on your topic and compose a property formatted, detailed bibliography consisting of the research sources to be used in your final paper. The sources must consist of both academic journal articles, books (no textbooks or e-books are acceptable), and primary sources.

The minimum requirement for the annotated bibliography is a total of nine sources:

  • one primary source (historical document, newspaper, letters, or diary) I picked Rosa Parks and attached Thesis Statement.
  • four academic journal articles
  • four books
  • You may, of course, have more materials than these, but not less. The UMUC library has many resources which have been vetted: they are authoritative, relevant, current, and usually peer reviewed. If you are new to the online library, do ask a librarian for assistance. Note that entries have a one-paragraph statement letting you know what is contained in them. That will assist you in deciding whether to download entire articles or not. Your own annotations should not be just what is presented in the library, but it should note the usefulness of each particular article or book for your thesis. If you do this well, the paper will nearly write itself.
  • The Annotated Bibliography must be presented in the appropriate citation format. Each of the three standard ones: APA, Chicago Style, and MLA are outlined in the course resources. Choose one, and use it consistently for full credit. Note that simply copying the format of the items in the library will not be appropriate. The details need to be presented as one of the standard styles details–to include capital letters, commas, semi-colons, periods, and so on.

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