Two questions

 Will Validity

Ella Whiteside is 91 years old and by all accounts from friends, neighbors, and her physicians is alert, aware, and active. Ella has decided to finally get a will. However, her arthritis keeps her from writing and from even signing her name. What advice can you give Ella for executing a valid will? 

Guided Response: Discuss the necessary elements for a valid will. Analyze several of your peers’ postings. Respond to, at least, two of your peers providing advice to Ella as to how she can ensure that she has a valid will. What are the challenges that can be raised regarding the validity of Ella’s will? What suggestions can you offer to offer those challenges?

Understanding Eminent Domain 
Eminent domain has been a recurring issue for almost 10 years. Based on the article, “It’s Time for Congress to Actively Condemn Eminent Domain Abuses,” eminent domain is being abused by large for-profit corporations in the name of community and economic development.   After reading and considering the article determine what legal ramifications should be levied against corporations that ultimately destroy communities instead of building them.  Formulate what laws should be established to protect communities from unconstitutional eminent domain practices by corporations?

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