Two part questions about What does Agility Mean to you.

Part 1 7/5

Each student will post a list of at least three words and phrases which best describe the meanings of the words “agile” or “agility” in the context of work done by a business or organization. Students are also expected to respond to other students’ posts, as described in the following criteria section.

Part 2 submitted by 7/9

Each student will submit a one to two “executive summary” (a double-spaced paper, using the designated assignment template) as an individual assignment based on the Module 1 forum discussion. For the paper, students will draw upon the list of words and phrases which exemplify “agile” and “agility” which were posted in the forum and select three different words or phrases to write about. Each student has the option of writing exclusively about the words he or she chose to write about, or to select words or phrases selected by classmates. The key is to write about three words or phrases, and to describe how you see them relate to the concepts embodied by the words “agile” and “agility”. List an example of a work process or project which exemplify one or more of the words or phrases you chose to highlight in your paper. You may select a process or project from your own work experience, or select a project described in a source you select from a trade journal, newspaper or magazine article, book or web-based source. If you do reference a third-party source, please be sure to list its name and provide a link to it if it is available on the Internet or in the Bobst Library’s digital archives.

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