trait from a common ancestor

Please read the above articles (they are in 1 file) for the discussion. The first is short and simple. The second is long and more complex; you do not need to understand all of it.

Answer the following question in complete sentences.  Use evidence from the article to support claims made.

1. Give the proper Latin name for the coffee species studied.

2. Is caffeine production by coffee, cacao (chocolate), and tea a conserved trait from a common ancestor? Why or why not?

3. What are the 3 possible reasons given for caffeine production by coffee and certain other plants?

See the Science article for the last 2 questions.

4. How many chromosomes are in the coffee species studied?

5. This article is the culmination of many people in many different places. Give pros and cons of such a collaboration.

The discussion is focused on #5

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