Trade. Reply two students discussion post 100 words for each one

StudentA: Matthew

Personally, I have not traded stocks, but i have done stock trading simulators in school before, and my parents do some stock trading, so I try to learn from them and give them my inputs on certain companies. My preferred market would be the NYSE, because I have lived my whole life in New York, and would want to trade in what i Perceive as the largest market. I also went a field trip there in high school and it was an amazing experience. It was loud and busy, but you could tell that important trades were going on andmoney was being made. I would most likely invest in a lot of big name brand stock that are expected to do well for a long time to come, since I’m not much of a risk taker. I also firmly believe in the future of technology, so companies that are in the technology industry or show signs of adapting well to our technological world definitely show promise to me.

One day, when I am comfortable financially I’d like to educate myself on trading and get into stocks to make extra money for the future. I’m not sure when that will be or how one gets started on this type of thing, but I’m looking forward to that day. I’ll surely be reading up on the topic in the near future.

StudentB: Katie

I have never traded stocks, and honestly this is my first time ever really learning about finance (I didn’t take any classes in high school that would help and I’ve only taken basic econ courses so far). From what I’ve learned, I would probably choose to trade stocks in the NYSE because the companies are generally older and have a reputation for having more stable stocks, versus the NASDAQ which has a lot of tech companies with highly volatile stocks. I would probably avoid short-selling stocks because you could lose a substantial amount of money, unlike buying stocks in the long term where the most you could lose is your initial investment. If you short-sell and the price of the stock skyrockets, you are potentially out a lot of money. I would also say I’m pretty risk-averse considering I have very little money as it is (yay college), so I would want to invest as wisely as possible to avoid losing more money. I would likely choose any stock that seems stable even if there is not necessarily a high return because any money is better than no money! 🙂

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