Topic 6 DQ 4

Please respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:

My capstone consists of community education concerning Narcan education to community members. With a high incidence of opioid overdoses, increased the risk of opioid overdose occurring in public setting such as libraries, restaurants, and public transportation (Tobin, 2018). Initially, I wanted to created public education programs to educate community members however as that has been deemed financially unwise and difficult to schedule; my mentor and I began to think of including opioid overdose into CPR training. CPR training is often required by several workplaces and offered throughout communities and schools. By incorporating opioid overdose and Narcan training into CPR education; it would be minimal financial assistance, allow for education time, and potential for hands on training. As healthcare professionals, situations such as opioid overdose may come easy to us and we treat overdoses quickly and thoroughly. However, for a random community member the sight of an opioid overdose may come as a shock any may even scare them to the point where they do not want to help. Community education is essential to early treatment of opioid overdose.

Tobin, K., Clyde, C., Davey-Rothwell, M., & Latkin, C. (2018). Awareness and access to naloxone necessary but not sufficient: Examining gaps in the naloxone cascade. International Journal of Drug Policy, 59, 94–97.

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