This is the first part Instructions: Choose 1 of the following prewriting activities to complete for your exploratory essay: FreewritingLoopingListingClusteringCubingQuestioningOutliningLetter Writi

This is the first part


Choose 1 of the following prewriting activities to complete for your exploratory essay: 

FreewritingLoopingListingClusteringCubingQuestioningOutliningLetter WritingJournal KeepingDiscovery Drafting

Your prewriting activity can be as formal or as informal as you need it to be. Prewriting is PURELY to help you, the writing, get started with your essay. Whether you complete your activity on a computer, scribble it on a piece of paper, or create a chart…you can do anything, as long as it works for you. This part has to be on a seperate piece of paper if more info needed please send message 

Second part

Step 2 – Draft Working Thesis and Introduction Paragraph:Write your thesis/introduction paragraph for the topic you researched during Week 4. Your thesis should be 1-2 sentences and the entire introduction paragraph should be a minimum of 5-7 sentences including your thesis. Since the purpose of your essay is to explore a question about your researched topic, your thesis should simply indicate this purpose. For example, if you were exploring the topic of climate change, an appropriate thesis could be:

Example 1: “I am going to explore different factors that are said to increase the rate of climate change.”Example 2: “In light of media claims that certain political parties refuse to accept the ‘science’ of climate change, I am going to explore the views that all republican and democratic presidential candidates have on it.”Example 3: “Some political figures claim that business growth is more important than the prevention of climate change. However, what if proof exists that business growth is impacted by climate change?” 

Step 3 – Self Review:Download a Self-Review Worksheet and answer all questions honestly and critically. Submit your completed worksheet here: Self Review of Working Thesis and Intro Paragraph for Exploratory Essay 

Step 4 – Revise Working Thesis and Intro Paragraph for SubmissionFinalize your thesis and introduction paragraph. Submit it in MLA format here: Working Thesis and Introduction Paragraph for Exploratory Essay

I have attached the self work sheet and also what i worked on before this for this project

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