Thinking about Industrial/Organizational Psychology

During this course – you have learned about somecommon theories of organizational behaviour, you havelearned about your own personality, various ways to motivates employee’s and also about rewards.Part of the learning for this course is for you to create positive ways in which to seek out understanding of how and why employees and employers make decisions and behave in certain ways.For this assignment you are going to explore creative ways to solve problems. You have learned about the PADIL framework for problem solving, variousproblem-structuring tools to reframe or define a given problem and methods to solve issues while being aware of judgements in error.Students will consider the following case example and apply a possible solution while integrating your learning (theory, research and practice).Case ExampleThe workplace is an important setting for health promotion. Studies show that the leadership of the organization plays a critical role for creating and sustaining a health promoting workplace. There is a need for organizations to embrace multiple ways to create safe and healthy workplaces.As demonstrated during the COVID 19 Pandemic organizations have had to shift rapidly to doing business in a new way. This can cause a great deal of stress which in turn impacts employee performance and customer satisfaction.Some staff members and customers are resistant to following WorkSafe protocols such as wearing a mask or using social distancing. This is causing a great deal of stress for employee’s and customers. Management is seeking support on how to keep people safe and solving this problem.Describe how you, as an organizational behaviour consultant, might define the problem using the PADIL framework and provide specific examples on how to solve this problem.Please remember to reference your work and include a title page and reference page.Please address the following:a. Describe the Rational Decision-Making Model framework (approx. 2 paragraphs)b. Explain what the core issues are that the organization/management is facing (approx. 2-3 paragraphs)c. Apply the Rational Decision Making Model framework and provide 2 creative ways to solve the issues you identified (2-3 paragraphs)d. Analyze the findings and comment on judgement and bias that may apply to this situation – describe ways to identify and avoid bias. (2-3 paragraphs)e. Conclusion describe what you learned (1-2 paragraphs)1. Executive Summary/ Abstract – 52. Problem Identification & Scope -103. Case Analysis- 254. Recommendation and Conclusions- 105. Organization & Critical Thinking – Demonstration of thought process and analysis of problem and resolution using own thoughts and ideas – 206. Readability & Style – Clarity of thought and appropriate level of language use that brings the author’s thoughts and ideas to the reader – 107. Please remember it is an academic writing, so the reference should be more preferred from Indian and Canadian authors/ articles and those write-up should be easily available on public search engine.

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