There will be a list of 14 questions just answer this 14 questions


Part I.

Define: Reconstruction, ex-Confederates, Abraham Lincoln, Lincoln’s 10% Plan, Wade Davis Bill, Freedman’s Bureau, Black Codes, 13th amendment, 14th amendment, 15th amendment, Reconstruction Acts

Part II

  • Explain the difference between “presidential reconstruction” versus “congressional reconstruction” including both plans and individuals involved.
  • Why did the South enact the “Black Codes?” Give five examples.
  • Provide five examples of how some white Americans organized to fight the African-American community during the “Reign of Violence” after the Civil War. What happened and why?
  • What was the Freedman’s Bureau and what did it actually accomplish?
  • What were the “Black Conventions” and what impact did they have on the Black community and white community?
  • Briefly explain the Civil War amendments? Also, why do you think Frederick Douglass’ advocated for these particular rights for African-Americans?
  • What do you think were the accomplishments of Reconstruction of the Union after the Civil War? What were the negative aspects of Reconstruction after the Civil War?
  • What is the difference between separation of the races versus segregation of the races?
  • Briefly summarize the 1896 U.S. Supreme Court Case Plessy v. Ferguson and its consequences on American society.
  • What was the basis of the majority opinion in Plessy?
  • What was the “minority opinion” of the court in Plessy?
  • Based on the U.S. Constitution, which argument do you think had the most merit?
  • How did the United States act as an “imperial power” toward the following countries at the turn of the century in terms of treatment and policy:
  • Who were the 10th Cavalry and what did they do?
  • Puerto Rico
  • The Virgin Islands
  • Haiti
  • Liberia
  • Why did the following “race riots” take place when they did in the United States? Include when, where and why: A. Atlanta B. Brownsville C. Springfield

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