The Scientific Method Case Study

General Directions

This assignment has two parts to it.  You will choose a biology-related news article and use it for both parts of the assignment.  Follow the instructions below to help choose your article.

Directions for Part 1

For this assignment, you will post a biology-related news article. This article must have come out within the last two weeks of your posting. 

EACH post must be UNIQUE and tell a different story to get credit! Only the first person to post a specific story will get credit.

Also, make sure that your article describes an actual experiment that has already been completed.  This way the experiment will have a hypothesis, experiment, results, and conclusions.  A “study” is often just observational, and no controls are set.

There is a second part to this assignment (later in the semester) asking you to list the controls for the experimental study, which is why your article needs to be an actual experiment rather than an observational study.

First, please review the information about controls BEFORE selecting your article, so that you have selected one that is an experimental study.  

Review BOTH resources below to understand Controls:

Here is a link to information about controlled experiments (Links to an external site.) as presented by the Khan Academy.

Review this PowerPoint presentation on The Scientific Method (it will help you with analyzing the article you choose also).

Next, use these prompts to complete Part 1 Biology in the News:

  • First copy/paste the title of the article in the message title.  
  • Then include the news source and date the article came out followed by a LINK to the article.  
  • Write 2-3 paragraphs.  
    • The first paragraph (50-100 words) should summarize the article addressing the following: who did the research, what question were they asking and what experimental system did they use.  Hit the return or enter key twice to separate paragraphs
    • Then write another paragraph (around 50 words)  addressing their findings (conclusions) and a personal statement as to why you think the article is significant for the general public.
  • ***NOTE: Make sure you use your OWN words when summarizing the article! Otherwise it’s considered plagiarism and you could receive a “0” for the assignment.***

Below are several links you can try to find recent biology articles:

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