the merits of breastfeeding

Objective: Explain the merits of breastfeeding.

Points Possible: 60


Read the following scenario end respond to the questions.

A good friend of yours is about to have a baby and, knowing you are taking this course in life-span development, confides in you about her concerns. She is considering breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding. She is not sure which would be best.

Reflect on the scenario, being sure to incorporate into your answer all the questions below: each paragraph has 1 citation total 3for 3 paragraph.

· What would you tell her about breastfeed?

· What are the pro’s and con’s?

· What nutritional advice can you give her?

Write three paragraphs.

Include citations and references to support your paper.

Visit the link to review proper APA format for in paragraph citations and references:


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