The Case Assignment is a 3-5

The Case Assignment is a 3-5 page minimum, double-spaced researchessay in which you will demonstrate your understanding of theconcepts related to developmental psychology. Please remember thecover and references pages are not included in the 3 ? 5 page count.Make use of the TUW library for your research essay that requiresminimum of 3 references.In your research essay, please make sure to address the followingquestions:What can parents do in explaining the diversity of other pointsof view, experiences and cultures in the world to their youngchildren (3-7 years old)? (Module 2)How can parents use the knowledge related to observationallearning in order to teach self-control behaviors with theirchildren (3-7 years old)? (Module 3) can parents do to encourage the growth of the cognitivedevelopment of their children (3-7 years old) in order to fostercreative thinking? (Module 4)Writing expectations include competency in the following:Sentence Structure Verb Tense and AgreementPronoun UsePossessive UsePunctuationSpellingFocus and OrganizationThis must be double-spaced with 1-inch margins and typed in12-point Times New Roman.Your Essay should have a Cover Page and Reference Page.Essays should be proofread for spelling and grammarmistakes. must cite all texts used to avoid plagiarismWhy Citations Matter [Video File]. Retrieved from

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